Iuro’s vision shows the passion and daily commitment of all its employees:

  • using technologies to design and implement systems aimed at reduce consumption and waste of energy and raw materials, simplifying production processes in order to create more efficient and competitive companies;
  • promoting energy self-sufficiency of civil and industrial sites, through the functional integration of the different systems of self-production and consumption (Smart Grid);
  • i helping to increase energy production from renewable sources, applying innovative solutions in the exploitation and environmentally sustainable management of agricultural and industrial waste;
  • designing new intelligent properties (both civil and industrial), redeveloping and enhancing existing assets
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Iuro’s mission is not selling products or carry out projects, but meeting the specific needs of its Customers.

In our business, each project is unique, even when we realize two plants by using the same technology. Every company, every Customer has its own history, tradition, a unique plant configuration made of components and systems, and employees who have to use them; moreover, every Customer has its organization and production philosophy, a system of values and relations, specific location, needs and different expectations. A complex microcosm, unique and exclusive, that deserves all our respect. Getting in touch with a Customer means for us to get into that microcosm, to strive in order to understand their core values and operational requirements, to share their goals and enhance its potential. As a consequence, it requires us to examine, identify and offer the best technological and management solution available, always trying to provide added value as a distinctive sign of our service.

That is the reason why Iuro considers every new project as a special challenge, unique and engaging, that deserves our commitment, our scientific application and our emotional involvement.

Professionalism, honesty, commitment, availability, sharing, enthusiasm, competences, curiosity, willingness, intuition, imagination and analytical rigour. These are the core values that guide the daily work of the women and men of Iuro, engaged in investigating, developing or managing innovative, technological and functional projects.

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