2G Energy AG is a German company, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, world leader in the manufacture and assembly of internal combustion engines of cogeneration for the combined production of electricity and heat with high efficiency. The 2G product line is characterized by a range capable of covering power sizes from 20 kWe to 4 MWe.

Following a long cooperation and a thorough assessment of the technical and managerial reliability of Iuro, 2G AG has chosen Iuro as its technical partner and exclusive sales representative of the whole Italian territory for cogeneration power plants fired by natural gas.

The strategic partnership between Iuro and 2G combines Iuro’s know-how in engineering and plant construction with 2G’s advanced manufactoring technology and reliable engines .

Therefore, Iuro and 2G propose themselves jointly in order to reach the excellence along the entire value chain of cogeneration, from engineering activities, through the provision of manufactoring technology, to the construction, the management and maintenance of an efficient production of electrical and thermal energy.

Unico Energia srl is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) that supplies both residential and industrial users with energy products - gas and electricity .

Unicoenergia, through “E-motion” project, is also particularly active in the field of electric mobility, both in the field of ordinary urban mobility as well as touristic mobility with an environmental-friendly approach toward territorial resources . It is active in car sharing projects in the major Italian cities.

Unicoenergia offers a range of integrated services that enable the customer to have a single point of contact for all technical, procedural and financial aspects related to the process of energy efficiency, without diverting time and resources from the core business of its activities.

The Italian Green Building Council (GBC Italy) is a nonprofit association belonging to the GBC international network present in many other countries with which it shares its objectives :

  • to encourage and accelerate the spread of a culture of sustainable, driving the transformation of the market;
  • to sensitize public opinion and institutions on the impact that the methods for the design and construction of buildings have on the citizens’ quality of life;
  • to provide clear benchmarks to the industry;
  • to encourage the comparison of the industry by creating a community of sustainable building
  • .
GBC Italy promotes the independent certification system LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – whose parameters establish precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy buildings, which are energy efficient with a low environmental impact.

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