Iuro is able to follow all the phases of a complex engineering project, from technical-economic feasibility stage and legal compliance audit ( technology financial and administrative consulting) to the design, approval, implementation and maintenance / management of installations.

According to the needs of the Customer and the characteristics of the works to be carried out, Iuro can therefore act:

  • As a General Contractor, on behalf of the Client, carrying out the entire work with "turnkey" formula.
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  • As partners, supplier, dealer, technical consultant, carrying out all or parts of the work subcontracted from other companies that act as General Contractor.
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  • As a provider of engineering services, technical-financial, energy management etc. for its direct customers and / or as a support to other industry professionals (consultants, designers, energy managers, installers) in the activities of the latter towards their clients.
  • As an ESCo (Energy Service Company) certified UNI CEI 11352: 2014, designing and implementing energy efficiency measures financed by third parties, sharing with the client (Public or Private) the economic benefits generated by the assets (shared savings), through instruments such as: EPC (Energy Performance Contract), FTT (Financing Through Third Parties), Operative Rental contracts Integrated Management of Energy Services.